B2F is now on amazon books

Hi everyone,

Bridges to Freedom is now available for purchase on amazon books for $6.63 (or thereabouts. It varies a few cents).  This means you can order it online, and have it mailed to your loved one directly from amazon, as a book.

$6.63 covers amazon’s costs. We are not collecting royalties, out of respect for Dan and his family.

THANK YOU’s: to geri and the Fair Chance Project in LA who were copying and mailing B2F out to so many.  And to Jared Rudolph at the Prisoner Reentry Network who organized publication.

Please pass this news on!

Kim & James.

4 responses to “B2F is now on amazon books

  1. Great news for so many prisoners.  Kim you are amazing beyond belief

    Sent from my Sprint Samsung Galaxy® Note 4.

  2. Hi I found this site while searching for a particular
    Fair Choice Project
    I am helping a friend with a Writ, does the site offers that. And it not would you be so kind as to direct me to who can.
    Thank you. Kindly

    • Sorry Janelle,

      We can’t help you with that. James is winding down inside at Ironwood State Prison, getting ready for his 4th PBH next April (we are very hopeful) and I work full-time in Santa Barbara, Ca. You need to find someone outside or your friend needs to fid a good “jailhouse lawyer” inside to do a good job with this.

      & James.

  3. Ronald Alexander Monge

    Hi! I’m very pleased to take this opportunity and express my utmost appreciation for the incredible work which you both have done with Bridges to Freedom. This great tool was quite instrumental in helping me receive a Parole Grant in November 2016. The icing on the cake was meeting James, considering him my friend, and working together in preparation for our Parole Board hearings. It was also a great pleasure working with him as Inmate Peer Mentors. His way of facilitating rehabilitative courses is awesome. Congratulations to you both. Take care.

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