Bridges to Freedom, v. 4 (2014): minor edits

Some small but important edits have been made to:

  1. Chapter 5, page 61 ~ The Key Point to Consider at the bottom of the page has been changed to read:  Key Point to Consider: If the hearing panel attempts to rely on police reports to deny suitability for parole, the parole candidate’s attorney should argue that arrest reports are not reliable enough to support a finding of [un]suitability (See U.S. v. Bell (8th Cir. 1986) 785 F2d 640, 644.) 
  2. Chapter 6, page 76 ~ minor typos corrected in Questions 8 and 18.

    –> The files for Chapters 5 and 6 in the right-hand column of this site have been updated to reflect these changes.

2 responses to “Bridges to Freedom, v. 4 (2014): minor edits

  1. i received a printout of the bridges to freedom program while i was at valley state prison. it was instrumental in my receiving a parole grant and ultimate release in November of last year. I am currently working with several groups from within parole and others and we are exploring way to broaden our message to those still behind the walls. if possible we would like to include your program in this message?

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