Bridges to Freedom (4th Edition, 2014)

To all who come into this site: Welcome!!

James has reworked and edited Bridges to Freedom making it more user-friendly in all senses:  advice, content, examples, exercises. The book is  over there in the right hand column –>
It has been broken down into chapters and sections to make download and printing easier (we hope).
In alignment with the Fair Chance Project in LA,  the mission of Bridges to Freedom is to  provide every life term parole candidate with the opportunity to learn life skills for regaining freedom from restraint. The focus is fourfold:

  1. Believing change is possible, by accepting that growth can be achieved beyond the negative influences of the past;
  2. Unmasking unresolved questions to the life crime behavior, and developing insight into understanding the key background factors leading up to the crime/s that occurred;
  3. Undertaking self-portrait examination, introspection and reflection, confronting images of the past by developing insight into actions;
  4. Changing the negative outlook on life by experiencing the rewards of putting remorse into action.

James looks forward to your inquiries and we would appreciate any feedback from you.

Kim & James DeBacco

Print copies of Bridges to Freedom will be available from
Fair Chance Project
Tel: (310) 677 7445

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