Bridges to Freedom (3rd edition, 2013)

In recent weeks, James DeBacco has reworked Bridges to Freedom and added new chapters. It’s a bumper edition! Broken into 4 parts, it’s available for download and printing in the right hand column.

James continues to facilitate the Bridges to Freedom workshops on D-Yard at Calipatria State Prison.  He hopes you and your loved one inside will find it practical, motivating and helpful.

James updates the book as and when laws and circumstances change.  The Bridges to Freedom chapters are not perfect, nor are they foolproof; we can’t guarantee that anyone who uses them will be granted parole.  

James is a certified Jailhouse Lawyer member of the National Lawyers Guild, S.F. Bay Area chapter (Aug. 2012). He is also an official Jailhouse Lawyer member-at-large of the National Lawyers Guild (Dec, 2012).

James is gathering testimonials (check the tab above!), and he welcomes any letters of support and thanks for Bridges (or Positive Interventions) at:  His wife Kim will forward copy to him by mail.

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