Bridges to Freedom (2012) is now available!

“Believing change is possible begins by putting remorse into action.” (James DeBacco)

James has completely rewritten Bridges to Freedom and added new material, in light of his experiences with the parole board last year, and with input from the men doing in the Bridges to Freedom workshops with him at Calipatria State Prison.

You can now download the revised and expanded version of Bridges to Freedom, by clicking on the two links at right.  If you are having trouble accessing them,   email James at and Kim will forward you a copy of the book file as an email .pdf attachment, or find another way to send you a copy.

James sent me this text about the book:
Bridges to Freedom provides every potential parole candidate a step-by-step instructional guide to learning what it takes to “regain freedom from restraint”. Bridges to Freedom is about believing change is possible by accepting that we can learn to grow beyond the negative influences of our past. Bridges to Freedom challenges every parole candidate to unmask unresolved questions to their life crime behavior, and develop insight into understanding the key background factors leading up to the crime that ultimately occurred.

Crossing over the bridges to freedom requires self-sacrifice and personal commitment to oneself. Areas of exploration will take the parole candidate on a self-discovery journey confronting the likely questions concerning: “What is the parole board?” “How can a parole candidate achieve parole board readiness?” “What impact does crime have on society?” “What does it mean to have insight?” “How can I understand the detrimental impact of my choices?” etc.

Through self-portrait examination, introspection, and reflection, parole candidates will learn how to confront the images of their past, explore their behavior choices, and unlock the insights to their actions.  In this revealing identity transformation, parole candidates will learn what steps to take to stop the revolving door of recalcitrant behavior, and change the negative outlook on their lives – by putting remorse into action.

One response to “Bridges to Freedom (2012) is now available!

  1. i am a 38 yr old women whos father has been incarcerated since i was 8, he is serving a life sentence on burglary on a 3 strike rule, He has had a life w\ no mercy overturned in the courts. He has had many set ups thru the parloe process 1 year 3 years, 2 years, 11 months, 2 years, i was refered to ur book by a lawyer, I am anxious to locate ur book n hopefully find answers to help me n my father better understand what the parole boards wants from a man who has served over 30 years, My father is very sorry for the crimes he has committed, n has a very big support system in family n friends, as a family of course we feel he has paid his debt to society for the mistakes he has made. please wish our family luck as we do you n yours.

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