New: “Positive Interventions”

James has designed a new workshop series and self-help manual called “Positive Interventions” – an offender-based self-help study program, that is designed to support the development of insight, remorse, responsibility and pro-social skills.  He has the full support of the institutional psychologists for the program, and I hear they have applied to CDCR in Sacramento to have it officially recognized as an approved self-help course.  This makes it eligible for funding (for basics like paper & pencils, go figure…!) and for support by an institutional co-ordinator. Hopefully, it might spread to other institutions.

The inmates taking the new workshop on his yard at Calipatria SP are apparently thrilled with this new program and recommending it come before Bridges.  I don’t have electronic copy of it…yet!  When I do, it will go up on the Bridges to Freedom blog.

2 responses to “New: “Positive Interventions”

  1. My son is located at CCI state prison in Tehachapi CA he qualifies under SB261 for a parole hearing in about 4 years he has asked me if I could find a program that could help him prepare for his hearing. Can you recommend one that could help my son come home.

    • Dear Nita,

      You can order Bridges to Freedom from Amazon books. Yo can download the chapters of Positive Interventions from this Bridges to Freedom website. Bridges to Freedom would be ideal for him. It can be read and studied on your own; it is also a great focus for a group.

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